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Ca'n Pico cellar

Welcome to the Ce’n Pico cellar website- Banyalbufar

Can Pico is a family cellar located in the town of Banyalbufar (Mallorca). It specializes in the production of white wines of the Malvasía grape variety. Only two varieties are made, the dried malvasia that is the most common and a sweet variety. The vineyards are spread over four plots, planted on terraces facing the sea.



In the Can Pico winery, the most traditional elements coexist with the most modern technology to make our goal a reality: obtaining perfect wines with a particular character and personality that are distinguished from any other wine. The annual production is about 5,000 liters so it is an small amount that allows to take special  care of all details. We pretend to obtain a very special and high quality wine.


Malvasia is one of the oldest white grape varieties and has been cultivated in practically all the islands of the Mediterranean since ancient times. Originally from Greece, the name of Malvasia is supposed to be an Italian deformation of the name of the Greek population of Monemvasia, from where it spread to Naples, Madeira, Canary Islands, Sitges and Turís. Its antiquity and great extension have caused the creation of subvarieties, but due to the low resistance to diseases, its cultivation has been replaced by other varieties.


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Can Picó, 07191 Bañalbufar, Islas Baleares, España

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